Ronda - Owner/Designer/ Certified Color Expert

I love Color. ​ Picking paint colors for your house is very complicated and personal. Paint selections is about picking the right paint color as well as working with my clients existing furnishings, finishes, home cues, and personality to define an overall color palette my clients will love. Before you paint, call me 1st  a Certified Color Expert.

Have you ever painted a room in your home a color that you didn't like? Over half of paints sales are from people who have made the same mistake. Have you ever asked your painter what they think about the paint color that you choose? They Don't Know! Trust me a professional painter and a professional color consultant are two different people and skill sets! Before you commit to a big expense and commitment of a painter, call a certified color expert. I go into a home using a 6-step process and outline the colors that the home wants in the space to make it a color perfect home for you.


What to expect from our 2 hour color working session:I will pick the paint palette for up to 4 rooms. I will pre-interview you on the phone to hone in on your color preferences, style and color sensitivity. I come armed with  large, color paint chip samples, that I have narrowed down based on the phone interview and I leave the final paint choices with you, so that you can get used to seeing the color on the walls. We will walk through the rooms together and I will be following a set of color rules based on your current furnishings and fixtures to insure that a color perfect home scheme is developed. At the end of the 2 hours you will have a thorough plan for each paint color to use for all walls, trim ceilings, cabinet, as well as the paint finishes for the spaces we go over. You will even have a set of design ideas you can do yourself down the road that will enhance the space and palette we decide upon.

As a Certified Color Expert, I will help you save time and avoid costly mistakes. As well as get the perfect color for your home


Each individual room is $100 if you only need a few rooms. I will go through the same process as above.


If you need paint selections for the whole house (up to 10 rooms & 4 hours) . I will go through the same process as above.

All Our Consultation includes:

  • Color Profile
  • 6 step color read process
  • Large color samples to keep
  • Design ideas