Ronda - Owner/Designer

If you don't see a service that fits your me at 713-907-0624, or email  I will listen to your needs, wants and desires to make sure we "Enhance Your Style"!

Certified Professional Interior Design: Your home tells a story about you. What do you want your home to say about you and your family? We specialize in creating  a space that perfectly reflects your family’s style, needs and comforts. We add character to your home with custom drapery, bedding, pillows, upholstered furture and accessories.

  • space planning
  • One Day Room Makeover
  • Tableaux
  • eDesign
  • custom drapery, bedding & pillows
  • Custom upholstered furniture




Interior Design Consultation:

My Goal for you, is to create a home that is warm, inviting and functional with a cohesive flow as you move through each room.  I want to design for you, rooms that have exceptional charm when you walk in the door with updated and innovated ideas. I always pay close attention to details making sure the project achieves the desired outstanding outcome.


In our 1 hour interior design consultation we will sit down together and  discuss what you want your home to say about you and your family. From your front door all the way to your back patio. The design report will include the steps to achieve every design detail.

Step 1 - Book a Consultation With Ronda Ferguson

We meet with you in your home for a collaborative client and designer interview. In so doing, we are mutually discovering if your project is the right fit for each other. We provide you with

· design advice and recommendations

· great direction for your project.

· discuss details such as your goals for the space

· your design aesthetic,

· how you will be using the space,

· what inspires you,

· your time-frame for completion

· your budget.

· We also review the terms of our Letter of Agreement which you will sign later.


Remember that we are EXPERT SHOPPERS who can save you tons of time and money because we know WHERE and WHAT to shop for.

Ronda – Owner/Designer